Services Offered

  • Composite Restorations.
  • Scheduled comprehensive dental examinations.
  • Periodontal debridement, scale and polish, Hygienist services are now also offered.
  • Treatments for gum disease.
  • Amalgam Restorations.
  • Fissure Sealants.
  • Preventive fluoride therapy.
  • Tooth Whitening both systems, In house 90 minute session and also take home delivery options.
  • Extractions.
  • Third Molar Extraction and surgical extractions with conscious sedation.
  • Root Canal treatments using latest Rotary and filling techniques.
  • Gum treatments with laser to resolve periodontal problems.
  • Orthodontics are offered both children and adults using clear aligner systems Invisalign and also through braces Fast braces.
  • Comprehensive exam with digital X-Rays.
  • Panoramic Radiograph or full mouth X-Ray.
  • Emergency Tooth aches.
  • Crowns :  All options available, porcelain fussed to metal, zirconia, emax or all Ceramic Crowns.
  • Bridges.
  • Implants.
  • Complete denture.
  • Partial dentures acrylic,valplast and metal.
  • Bite Splints.
  • Mouth guards are custom made for a perfect fit and therefore provide optimal protection.


Free Services

  • 13 to 18 years high school students are provided free dental health checkups and treatments.
  • Free Orthodontic consultation -free assessment as to time ,cost and which system is suitable for the patient.
  • ACC Consultation.
  • Full Denture quotes.
  • Work and Income quotes.


Salient Points

  • All sterilisation is done with latest generation of sterilizers giving a code as to if proper sterilization has been undertaken.
  • All X-rays are digital, thus minimising X-ray radiation,instant results resulting in a immediate and accurate diagnosis.
  • The panoramic X-ray machine is also digital which minimises radiation.
  • Intricate procedures are performed using magnification and illumination with Carl Zeiss Loupes thereby resulting in high quality dentistry.
  • Apprehensive patients can listen to music or see movies using wireless head phones.
  • Overhead monitor provides a more relaxed atmosphere to patients and are also used to educate the patient about dental health.
  • Conscious sedation is available for apprehensive and nervous patients.